L. E. Alley - The Book of His Life and Businesses

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Book Description

This book details the life and work of the author’s grandfather Lawrence E. Alley, Sr. The Alley Agate Company is featured in the 144 page book. There are excellent glossy photos of marbles, toy dishes and the other glass products that Alley Agate made. 4,000 marbles are pictured in groups to show variations in swirl patterns or individually to show more detail. Most of these marbles can be traced back to the factory locations, making the identification certain. Also pictured are the games that used Alley marbles. Nine pages describe the history and variations of the very popular Hop Ching Chinese checker game which used Alley Agate marbles.

L. E. Alley was best known for his marbles, but any collector of toy dishes will find an extensive coverage of his glassware sold by J. Pressman & Co. from 1935 to 1948. His complete line of the dishes is pictured. Both boxed sets and individual dishes are shown in the 23 pages about the dishes. The Pressman Co. still has some early catalogs and those advertizing Alley products are in the book.

Also documented are Mr. Alley’s first 30 years in the glass business before he made marbles. A biographical sketch and other interesting family history is included, which gives a glimpse into the man behind the marbles