L. E. Alley - The Book of His Life and Businesses

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The most recent word from Michael Johnson: In the Sept. 2016 WVMCC Newsletter he writes about Akro marbles being found at the Alley site in Sistersville, WV.

Concluding this article Michael writes, “Now, getting back to the Akro Agate marbles and scraps found at the Alley Sistersville site. Lawrence Alley III, author of the book, L. E. Alley ‘Father of West Virginia Swirls’ etc… gives a wonderful accounting on page 12 of how all that came pass. It is excellent reading and the pictures are brilliant. This book is to Alley ... what Roger Hardy did for Akro Agate. I highly recommend both, the best items in a marble book collection.”



   In compiling a tremendous amount of information for his new book, Lawrence E. Alley III has provided a window through which the reader may view and experience the rise of an American family.  While the main focus of this book details the life and work in the glass and toy marble industry of his grandfather, Lawrence E. Alley, a clear picture is painted of the Alley family up to the present day. 

    This book is unique in that for the first time a book on the companies of a major toy marble maker has been written by a member of that family.   Using known family history as primary sources through memories, diaries, and company records plus many secondary sources, the reader becomes intimately involved with the activities of the Alley companies.  Many of the pictures and details included in this volume are published and exposed to the public for the first time.  L. E. Alley was best known for his marbles. But, the collector of toy dishes will find an extensive coverage of his children’s glassware that was sold by J. Pressman and Company for many years.

    Traditionally, books about glass and toy marbles are written by dealers and collectors and other outsiders who have an economic interest to satisfy.  Mr. Alley's book, however, is a labor of love.

                                                                 Michael Johnson

                                                                 Co-author “American Machine-made Marbles”

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Authored and Published by Larry Alley (© Oct 2013)
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What other collectors are saying about the book

  • “It's a great book.” Robert Block (CT)
  • “A must for any Alley Agate Co. enthusiast.” Dave Chamberlain (NV)
  • “Every marble collector would do themselves a giant favor by getting that book, Mr. Alley! It's fabulous!” Letitia __ (MA)
  • “Great Book! Well worth the investment.” Mark __ (MA)
  • “I ordered your new book and very much like it. Amazing detail, new and unusual information, a unique combination of information and entertainment. Great job!” Terry __(OR)
  • “I spent today going through this book. It will take more than one day to soak all this up. If you have not ordered yours yet you are missing out.” Ron Shepherd (WV)
  • “I scanned the book content very fast and was extremely pleased with what I saw. Pictures are extremely clear. One of, if not the best, books on marbles that I have ever seen. … You have to be congratulated on the knowledge, dedication, foresight and planning that it took to produce such an excellent masterpiece on Alley Agate products …. It will always be one of my most treasured books on marbles. I am a very happy collector.” Bob __( Canada )
  • “What a FABULOUS BOOK !!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much......I will be talking up your book up with glass friends for certain!!!!!!!! You covered it ALL when it comes to ALLEY AGATE GLASS......I hope the book adds many collectors of ALLEY AGATE to help preserve all the interesting things they produced.....” Al __(MA)
  • “Al __let me look at his copy. I guess I'll need one for self.” Tom __(MA)
  • “I received your book last Friday and spent some time this weekend going through it. It's a really good book. I was surprised at the photos of the stemware you included. … Many thanks for telling the story of another glass manufacturer, one that was seriously overdue, so more of the "unknowns" can be identified.” Roni__ (MI)
  • “Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your fabulous new book! I plan on reading, sharing and enjoying this for a very long time. The hours of research and work it must have taken you to put this together cannot be put in words…. Was also impressed to see the number of collectors that contributed to the book. This just proves you left no stone unturned.” Ron__ (NY)
  • “I definitely need that book.” Joe __ (KY)“
  • Awesome book !!! I carry it with me all the time :-)” Mel __ (PA)
  • “If anyone was considering purchasing this book, do so now. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend it.” Danny __ (MO)
  • “I am thrilled with my book. In every way!” Beth __(IN)

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Newest Photo Book BOOK 5 Rev 4  (Replaces the other 3 books below)

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Marble Photo Book 3 - Useful to ID Alley marbles. Similar to the earlier one on Shutterfly Share Site but with some improvements. Detailed descriptions of 81 marbles are now included. Only Alley marbles in this one. For sale ($45) if you really want it. But, you can access the entire book for free by following a link at the Alley Agate Collector link below the book picture.

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Marble Photo Book 4 -  Photos of cases with over 3000 marbles. Sample case on cover of Book 3. Also, larger pictures of nearly 300 marbles with 4 to 6 views of each are included (25 pages). Includes only Alley marbles direct from the factories, either dug in Pennsboro or brought home when St. Marys was operating.  Marbles from the collections of Dale Simmons, Ron Shepherd, Frank Sellers and Larry Alley are in this book. For sale ($45) if you really want it. But, you can access the entire book for free by following a link at the Alley Agate Collector link above the book picture.                          Hardcover - 43 pages - Coffee Table Quality

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Marble Photo Book 5 (rev 2) **lower price**

A 100 page combination of Books 3 & 4 with additions and minor deletions.
Only one page removed from Book 4

         (Page showing remains of Pennsboro building)
Book 3 - Pages removed:
2 pages - Lawrence Glass Marbles
2 pages* - Pennsboro Marbles dug in May 2013
1 page* - Alley Agate Marbles dug at Pennsboro
1 page* - Alley Agate - Pennsboro (red tray)

Hardcover - 100 pages - Coffee Table Quality

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* These pages were left out by mistake and are in the new printing. A few old copies are available for $30. Prints of these 4 pages will be included. (Email for price correction: [email protected])

                      New Pages not in books 3 & 4 (numbered):
5         Ravenswood - Alley Agate compared
18,19  Dug Pennsboro clear base shooters 
20,21  Dug Pennsboro 5/8 size
32       Small childs Chinese Checkers set
43,44,45 My new Shooters and 5/8 size
72-75  Pennsboro Marbles dug by Sammy Hogue
95-99  Pressed Glass: Insulators, Rare children's dishes, Animals (differences between Alley & L. E. Smith)
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